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hello there. my name is mira and i'm a quite cheerful girl who might be hard to handle sometimes. i'm 17, student [12th grade in germany] and pretty lazy referring to school. The only subjects which i like are english, spanish, german && Art. my friends, as well as my dog mean the world to me, but that might also be a thing which you heard a lot of times before. well, i really mean it.

I mostly love my live, even if it's not always easy. i permanently try to cheer my friends up, although i don't seem to be successful everytime. if you try to hurt them, i'll probably kick your ass off.

i'm obsessed with music and soccer. I love to eat ananas and to drink caipirinha. but don't worry, When i'm having a good day, i'm also okay with apples and cherry-juice. There's only one soccer team which i support: *werder bremen*. i won't argue about soccer, i'm just too tired of it.

if there would be a chance i would like to travel all around the world. i'm a dreamer, so please leave me my dreams. Sometimes i'm not aware of what i'm doing or saying, so you shouldn't take everything too personal.