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You taught my heart, a sense I never knew I had.
I can forget, the times that I was
Lost and depressed from the awful truth
How do you do it?
You're my heroine.
[silverstein - my heroine]

finally, i'm back again. there's nothing really
new to tell, but whatever... it's my blog and i'm
able to write everything i want :D

by the way, "baja sajonia" made it! we're having
holidays! normally they would last
2 weeks, but through my school we
have to do an internship, so we don't have
school for more than five weeks! :D

as you know i only have good news
when i'm writing here, so there's
another imporant point you should know:
I'M going to london tommorrow!

that's why i chose that picture. i just
love the Hyde park. it's an amazing place to
think about most everything.
maybe about you as well. as i did
when i was there for the last time...

well, last but not least i'm going to tell what i did
during the weekend. Friday there was a
party in the rock club. abi-party again
and marnie hoped to see beebee. she was
really excited about this day during the
whole week. we decided to meet at her house at 7p.m.
leyla, martin, meiki and jessy have also been there.
but in the end only meiki, marnie and i went to the club.
everybody brought some alcohol, so that we would
be in a very good mood afterwards.
it was as funny as always and i'M definitely
looking forward to the second holiday-week
hahah it's going to be amazing.
well in the club we had to face that
beebee wouldn't come... so marnie was
pissed off and wanted to go home very quickly.
nevertheless it was funny, cause i passed
the controls again. they're
just to stupid to notice that it's not my pass...

on saturday i decided to stay at home, because
germany's national team played against
the czech republic in the evening. it was worth it,
due to the fact that the first half time was very cool.

and now i'm going to get my things together,
'cause we're going to jump off at 5a.m.
i hope you'll have a great week.
have fun & take care.

xxx lots of love

mirinchita am 25.3.07 22:39

Primavera se foi e com ela meu amor
Quem me dera poder consertar tudo que eu fiz
O perfume que andava com o vento pelo ar
Primavera soprando pr'um caminho mais feliz.
[los hermanos - primavera]

well, some days left since i wrote for the last time. damn, i wanted to keep this thing here updated *coughs* ok then. marnie is okay again. it wasn't anything really worse. not as worse as i thought. she was able to go to school on monday. but the funny thing about it is that she was just tired and wanted to go to sleep under the basin that night. haha, she's just so funny...

but there were a lot of things happening in the last days. let's just forget the unimportant stuff and start with the scandals.. haha.
on friday we decided to go the the upper classes' party. we met at 7 p.m. at marnie's. it was just meike, jessy, sascha, martin and me. [yes, of course marnie as well...] but it was pretty clear that we'll come up against some class mates later. but first we started to drink, cause it was way too expensive at these kinds of parties... and - as it should be - i completely overrated my drink accomplishments...
at 9 p.m. or something we finally went to the party... but it just sucked so badly. there was some kind of single vendue... totally crap. moreover svenja was on the party as well. it's not that i didn't know it, but it exposed me for another time that i can't stand her...
next day. saturday 11 a.m. - mira's deeply in her dreams. but then, suddenly she awakes and... WHAT!? she had to be at marnie's on 9 a.m. haha. marnie called me a lot of times, but i was too late for me to take part in a big anti-nazi demonstration...
nevertheless marnie and i met in the city to go to the wbar. we talked about like anything the whole evening and it was really great.
on saturday coco and undine went to my house to watch the soccer game m'gladbach against bremen together. coco and i wanted to introduce undine into this big soccer thing so that she won't be too lost on saturday the 3rd when we'll be going to watch bremen live. [yay!]
eeek, enough said... i still have to do some homework, so i've got to end this up here. bye bye :D
mirinchita am 26.2.07 21:15

Werder Bremen - lebenslang gruen weiß
wir gehoren zusammen - ihr seid gruen und wir sind heiß
werder bremen - unser leben lang
und der neue deutsche meister
kommt wieder mal vom weserstrand.

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again some days passed and i don't seem to be able to write constantly. that's a problem... and it's worse.

2 days ago coco, undine and i were in bremen.
finally... and it was more than just great.
it was awesome... amazing, a completely new
experience. the way to the stadium wasn't as
exciting as the last time when bremen was
playing against hannover, but nevertheless
we had a lot of fun.

we were way too early at the stadium, so we decided
to walk around [: it's always amazing to see the
training area and the stuff around the stadium,
including the weser of cause :p.

well and then we went to the "wuseum" haha. that was just great. see it's a museum just about werder and all the history stuff. no offense, it was interesting, but... weird somehow. first, we had to elect the "player of the season". kind of hard, isn't it? undine chose torsten frings, coco clemens fritz [wtf?!] and i... well, that's a secret :p.

then we went to a fanshop to buy a werder scarf.
the selection wasn't that big, but well, we
chose the default scarf i suppose. afterwards
we went in front of our gate... and short time
after that, we were able to go into the stadium.
wohooo! i freakin' love it :D

again, we had to wait quite long. i decided to
go to the toilet before the players would be
coming out of the cabins, but when i came back,
i was quite shocked. the bloc was way too full!
first i was worring to not find undine and coco,
but - thank god! - coco is just too large to

green and white bills with a 17 were
allocated in our, in the bloc above and the
ones next to ours. i looked amazing, as you
can see in the picture above. :D

the match itself was also ace. there was a great
atmosphere all over the stadium and werder won
against bochum 3:0. [: but that wasn't the end
of the story.

torsten frings was announced to appear in the
oks after the game, so we waited for like an hour.
then he gave an interview and wrote a lot
of autographs afterwards... unbelievable, isn't it?
you'll find my autograph *here*

the trip back home, however, was a catastrophe! x:
we missed one train after another and so i decided
to walk the rest home when we arrived in hildesheim.
i suppose it was 12 p.m. when i was home. x:

well, i guess that was enough for the beginning :D
i'm going to revise my blog now :p.
have fun, take care.
xxx mira

mirinchita am 5.3.07 10:15

some days i sit, starin' out the window
watchin' this world pass me by
sometimes i think there's nothin' to live for
i almost break down and cry
[eminem - hailie's Song]

well i guess that describes my mood best. i didn't do anything special today, maybe that's why i'm so moody.

yesterday was kind of strage... see, werder lost their game against stuttgart [which was pretty important], but i was really happy though. marnie and meike asked me to go to the "canbe" with them, cause there was a 10-cent party and they wanted to see the new club. well i said yes, although i wasn't sure whether i would be able to go into the club. [x-rated] i got meikes drivers license and believe it or not: it worked. hahah. we laughed about it like 2 or 3 hours... yes and then there was the drinking which was also very funny. i got to know them better, especially marnie. i really like her and i'm so glad i met her! but then suddenly - when we went to the toilet- she was gone. no one really had an idea where she was. [meanwhile we met matthias and another nice guy] then i talked to meike and she finally knew where marnie was... bodyguards had taken her away, but she wasn't really sure why. it all ended up in big confusion. marnie was lying inside of an emergency car and meike told me that she had to go with her into the main hospital. i didn't really understand what was going on, but as i saw her lying there i knew it must be worse. i had to go at home alone then, but that wasn't the worst thing i suppose. i was worrying about her, cause i didn't really know what exactly happend.

well, i don't know anything now. marnie has my handy with her, as well as my ipod. i hope she's okay. the evening was perfect... but in the end everything turned out to be fucked-up...

back to today. my mum came back from her weekend in berlin and she seems to be pretty satisfied about her experience there. she got to know nica's new boyfriend lasse who should look like werder bremen's torsten frings. i'm excited about the picture she took, but i'm soonest going to see them in a week i suppose. she brought me a present as well. a new bag from h&m which looks really cool.

okay, but i guess that's enough for today. i'm going to put my school things together and then going to bed... i didn't really sleep the last night.

thanks for reading.
con mucho cariño,
mirinchita am 11.2.07 22:03