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some days i sit, starin' out the window
watchin' this world pass me by
sometimes i think there's nothin' to live for
i almost break down and cry
[eminem - hailie's Song]

well i guess that describes my mood best. i didn't do anything special today, maybe that's why i'm so moody.

yesterday was kind of strage... see, werder lost their game against stuttgart [which was pretty important], but i was really happy though. marnie and meike asked me to go to the "canbe" with them, cause there was a 10-cent party and they wanted to see the new club. well i said yes, although i wasn't sure whether i would be able to go into the club. [x-rated] i got meikes drivers license and believe it or not: it worked. hahah. we laughed about it like 2 or 3 hours... yes and then there was the drinking which was also very funny. i got to know them better, especially marnie. i really like her and i'm so glad i met her! but then suddenly - when we went to the toilet- she was gone. no one really had an idea where she was. [meanwhile we met matthias and another nice guy] then i talked to meike and she finally knew where marnie was... bodyguards had taken her away, but she wasn't really sure why. it all ended up in big confusion. marnie was lying inside of an emergency car and meike told me that she had to go with her into the main hospital. i didn't really understand what was going on, but as i saw her lying there i knew it must be worse. i had to go at home alone then, but that wasn't the worst thing i suppose. i was worrying about her, cause i didn't really know what exactly happend.

well, i don't know anything now. marnie has my handy with her, as well as my ipod. i hope she's okay. the evening was perfect... but in the end everything turned out to be fucked-up...

back to today. my mum came back from her weekend in berlin and she seems to be pretty satisfied about her experience there. she got to know nica's new boyfriend lasse who should look like werder bremen's torsten frings. i'm excited about the picture she took, but i'm soonest going to see them in a week i suppose. she brought me a present as well. a new bag from h&m which looks really cool.

okay, but i guess that's enough for today. i'm going to put my school things together and then going to bed... i didn't really sleep the last night.

thanks for reading.
con mucho cariño,
11.2.07 22:03

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