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Primavera se foi e com ela meu amor
Quem me dera poder consertar tudo que eu fiz
O perfume que andava com o vento pelo ar
Primavera soprando pr'um caminho mais feliz.
[los hermanos - primavera]

well, some days left since i wrote for the last time. damn, i wanted to keep this thing here updated *coughs* ok then. marnie is okay again. it wasn't anything really worse. not as worse as i thought. she was able to go to school on monday. but the funny thing about it is that she was just tired and wanted to go to sleep under the basin that night. haha, she's just so funny...

but there were a lot of things happening in the last days. let's just forget the unimportant stuff and start with the scandals.. haha.
on friday we decided to go the the upper classes' party. we met at 7 p.m. at marnie's. it was just meike, jessy, sascha, martin and me. [yes, of course marnie as well...] but it was pretty clear that we'll come up against some class mates later. but first we started to drink, cause it was way too expensive at these kinds of parties... and - as it should be - i completely overrated my drink accomplishments...
at 9 p.m. or something we finally went to the party... but it just sucked so badly. there was some kind of single vendue... totally crap. moreover svenja was on the party as well. it's not that i didn't know it, but it exposed me for another time that i can't stand her...
next day. saturday 11 a.m. - mira's deeply in her dreams. but then, suddenly she awakes and... WHAT!? she had to be at marnie's on 9 a.m. haha. marnie called me a lot of times, but i was too late for me to take part in a big anti-nazi demonstration...
nevertheless marnie and i met in the city to go to the wbar. we talked about like anything the whole evening and it was really great.
on saturday coco and undine went to my house to watch the soccer game m'gladbach against bremen together. coco and i wanted to introduce undine into this big soccer thing so that she won't be too lost on saturday the 3rd when we'll be going to watch bremen live. [yay!]
eeek, enough said... i still have to do some homework, so i've got to end this up here. bye bye :D
26.2.07 21:15

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