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Werder Bremen - lebenslang gruen weiß
wir gehoren zusammen - ihr seid gruen und wir sind heiß
werder bremen - unser leben lang
und der neue deutsche meister
kommt wieder mal vom weserstrand.

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again some days passed and i don't seem to be able to write constantly. that's a problem... and it's worse.

2 days ago coco, undine and i were in bremen.
finally... and it was more than just great.
it was awesome... amazing, a completely new
experience. the way to the stadium wasn't as
exciting as the last time when bremen was
playing against hannover, but nevertheless
we had a lot of fun.

we were way too early at the stadium, so we decided
to walk around [: it's always amazing to see the
training area and the stuff around the stadium,
including the weser of cause :p.

well and then we went to the "wuseum" haha. that was just great. see it's a museum just about werder and all the history stuff. no offense, it was interesting, but... weird somehow. first, we had to elect the "player of the season". kind of hard, isn't it? undine chose torsten frings, coco clemens fritz [wtf?!] and i... well, that's a secret :p.

then we went to a fanshop to buy a werder scarf.
the selection wasn't that big, but well, we
chose the default scarf i suppose. afterwards
we went in front of our gate... and short time
after that, we were able to go into the stadium.
wohooo! i freakin' love it :D

again, we had to wait quite long. i decided to
go to the toilet before the players would be
coming out of the cabins, but when i came back,
i was quite shocked. the bloc was way too full!
first i was worring to not find undine and coco,
but - thank god! - coco is just too large to

green and white bills with a 17 were
allocated in our, in the bloc above and the
ones next to ours. i looked amazing, as you
can see in the picture above. :D

the match itself was also ace. there was a great
atmosphere all over the stadium and werder won
against bochum 3:0. [: but that wasn't the end
of the story.

torsten frings was announced to appear in the
oks after the game, so we waited for like an hour.
then he gave an interview and wrote a lot
of autographs afterwards... unbelievable, isn't it?
you'll find my autograph *here*

the trip back home, however, was a catastrophe! x:
we missed one train after another and so i decided
to walk the rest home when we arrived in hildesheim.
i suppose it was 12 p.m. when i was home. x:

well, i guess that was enough for the beginning :D
i'm going to revise my blog now :p.
have fun, take care.
xxx mira

5.3.07 10:15

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