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You taught my heart, a sense I never knew I had.
I can forget, the times that I was
Lost and depressed from the awful truth
How do you do it?
You're my heroine.
[silverstein - my heroine]

finally, i'm back again. there's nothing really
new to tell, but whatever... it's my blog and i'm
able to write everything i want :D

by the way, "baja sajonia" made it! we're having
holidays! normally they would last
2 weeks, but through my school we
have to do an internship, so we don't have
school for more than five weeks! :D

as you know i only have good news
when i'm writing here, so there's
another imporant point you should know:
I'M going to london tommorrow!

that's why i chose that picture. i just
love the Hyde park. it's an amazing place to
think about most everything.
maybe about you as well. as i did
when i was there for the last time...

well, last but not least i'm going to tell what i did
during the weekend. Friday there was a
party in the rock club. abi-party again
and marnie hoped to see beebee. she was
really excited about this day during the
whole week. we decided to meet at her house at 7p.m.
leyla, martin, meiki and jessy have also been there.
but in the end only meiki, marnie and i went to the club.
everybody brought some alcohol, so that we would
be in a very good mood afterwards.
it was as funny as always and i'M definitely
looking forward to the second holiday-week
hahah it's going to be amazing.
well in the club we had to face that
beebee wouldn't come... so marnie was
pissed off and wanted to go home very quickly.
nevertheless it was funny, cause i passed
the controls again. they're
just to stupid to notice that it's not my pass...

on saturday i decided to stay at home, because
germany's national team played against
the czech republic in the evening. it was worth it,
due to the fact that the first half time was very cool.

and now i'm going to get my things together,
'cause we're going to jump off at 5a.m.
i hope you'll have a great week.
have fun & take care.

xxx lots of love

25.3.07 22:39

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